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Denis Bushlatov

Denis Bushlatov

Ukrainian Stephen King

Denis Bushlatov is a Ukrainian horror writer. His published work includes four novels and two collections of short stories. Several short stories were published in the English translation by Bewildering Stories and Kzine in the UK. In 2021 Bushlatov’s short story The Disintegrator was included into the Hex-Periments: A Dark Biotech Athology, edited by Keith Anthony Baird.

Denis also works as an interviewer and a journalist, with focus on horror. Denis Bushlatov lives in Odessa, Ukraine. His work in progress in 2023-2024 is the book on the war of Russia against Ukraine, based on his eye-witness experience and numerous interviews he has conducted since the invasion in February 2022, as well as two scripts in horror genre.

Understanding that people often enjoy a "cozy scare," it's crucial to recognize that a horror writer's primary goal is to disrupt that comfort, pulling readers out of their safe zones. True terror often lurks in the mundane. When faced with toothy monsters in a book, an intelligent reader's response might be a dismissive smile. However, when the familiar becomes twisted, ordinary elements take on an unsettling new guise, evoking genuine horror. Thus, the most chilling tales are those blending reality with unreality—the realm of "strange presence" literature.

— Denis Bushlatov, author

Selected books

2024 — The Fifth Circle, film script

2022 — In Tranquil Waters, novel

2021 The Disintegrator, short story

2021 — Keeper of the Abyss, novel

2020 — He Who Never Sleeps, novel

2020 — The Captain, biography, non-fiction

2017 — Dead Dragon’s Children, novel

2013 — A Gift, short stories

2009 — Devolution, short stories

Literary awards

Longlisted for Future Time Award (with Eternity Plague)

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