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Yana Vagner

Yana Vagner

Bestselling author

Yana Vagner was born in Moscow in 1973 into a bilingual family. Her Czech mother came to Moscow in the 60s to study Russian language and literature.

Yana graduated from Moscow State University with a major in management and has worked as an interpreter, an anchorperson on radio, and a logistics manager, which allowed her to travel extensively throughout Africa, Europe and Latin America.

She started writing Vongozero aka To the Lake as a weekly blog while a flu epidemic swept through Moscow. It has since become a bestselling novel, translated into multiple languages and adapted into a Netflix series.

Yana Vagner lives with her husband, son, and two dogs in their country house on the outskirts of Moscow.

Selected books

2024 —  The Tunnel, novel

2020 —  2068, novella

2017 —  Accomplices, novel

2012 —  Vongozero: Truly Human, novel, sequel

2011 —  Vongozero, novel

Literary awards

Longlisted for the New Literature Prize 2012

Nominated for the National Bestseller Prize 2012, 2018

Shortlisted for Prix Russophonie 2015

Shortlisted for Prix Bob Morane 2015 (France)

Finalist of the Grand Prix des lectrices Elle 2015 (France)

Longlisted for the Big Book Award 2017

Financial Times Book of the Year 2021 (UK)

Herald Book of the Year 2021 (UK)

Nominated for the Big Book Award 2024

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