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Katerina Gordeeva and Narine Abgaryan in Gothenburg in discussions with Sofi Oksanen and Sven Olov Karlsson September 26-28, 2024

We're happy to share that two of our authors have been invited to at the Gohenburg Book Fair September 26-28, 2024!

Narine Abgaryan will be present at the Literary Salon, in conversation with Sven Olov Karlsson.


In the Armenian writer Narine Abgarjan's book Three Apples Fell from the Sky, the small village of Maran, located high in the Armenian mountains, is at the center. There, dreams, curses and miracles are taken very seriously and outside influences are few. In Sven Olov Karlsson's novel Bygdedjuret, the Västmanland mentality, a type of grumpy jealousy, forms the setting. Here the main character leaves the village to become an artist. What unspoken rules and attitudes are there in the village? Led by the author Amanda Svensson, they discuss the countryside and village mentality in Sweden and Armenia.

Thursday / 26 sep / 2024


Stage: R2 

Katerina Gordeeva will be having a discussion with Sofie Oksanen.


Exiled Russian journalist Katerina Gordeeva has interviewed people in refugee centers after the war in Ukraine began. The book Take My Grief Away consists of testimonies about war experiences, and is at the same time an appeal for democracy, truth and peace. Sofi Oksanen's In the same river is an essay about how the weakening of women's rights has been a purposeful strategy under Putin's regime. The tools are disinformation and propaganda, sexual violence in war and authoritarian legislation. A conversation about Russia, the war and the truth. Program leader: Stefan Ingvarsson, analyst at the Institute for Foreign Policy.

Sat / 28 sep / 2024


Stage: G4


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