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Yana Lett

Yana Lett was born in 1992 in Moscow and graduated from the Philology Faculty of Moscow State University. She is a teacher of Russian language, literature, and creative writing. Since 2022 Yana Lett has resided in Mauritius.

In 2018, Yana became a laureate of the national literary award New Science Fiction, and in 2022, her novel The Absence of Anna, written in the genre of magical realism, made it to the longlist of The New Horizons Prize. The book 1 of Preparators, The Hawk’s Calling, is on the longlist of The New Horizons Prize in 2023. Among her other books are the post-apocalyptic trilogy World of Gaps and the children's book The Story of Seven Doors.

I have always dreamt of writing a truly epic book – with an original and vivid world, a multitude of characters, and a multi-layered plot. Preparators came to me as if the story had chosen me to be its storyteller. It's a tale of heroism and choice, loyalty and betrayal, death and love. I sincerely hope that I have been able to tell it as it deserves to be told, and that readers will love it as much as I do.

— Yana Lett about Preparators

Selected books

2023 — Preparators. The Heart of Frost. Book2, novel

2022 — Preparators. The Hawk’s Calling. Book1, novel

2020-2022 — World of Gaps, trilogy

2021 — Absence of Anna, novel

2021 — The Story of Seven Doors, children’s book

Literary awards

The New Science Fiction 2018

Interpresscon Prize 2022

Finalist of RosCon 2021

Longlisted for The New Horizons Prize 2022

Longlisted for The New Horizons Prize 2023

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