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Vera Bogdanova

Vera Bogdanova

Born in Moscow, Vera Bogdanova (1986) moved to Baku, Azerbaijan, in 2023. She graduated from Moscow Region State University as a professional translator from the English language and attended language school in New York. In 2019 she completed a two-year creative writing course run by Olga Slavnikova.

Bogdanova’s short stories were published in anthologies, literary journals and platforms. She is also the author of sci-fi novels published under the literary pen-name Vera Ogneva, which received nominations for literary awards (New Horizons and Interpresscon in 2017).

Her first novel, published under her real name, Pavel Zhang And Other River Beasts, was a finalist of the Litsei Literature Award for Young Writers, entered a short list for the National Bestseller Prize, and was in the run for the Big Book Award, Yasnaya Polyana Award and New Literature Prize (NOS). Bogdanova runs a blog on translated fiction from the States and the United Kingdom, @wordsnletters.

Her novel The Season of Poisoned Fruits received a warm welcome from critics and struck a chord with readers, keeping on the national bestselling charts for the second year now. In 2024, Bookmate Original publishes Bogdanova’s audio series, a thriller Seven Methods of Souls Pickling, which tops the critics’ list of the most anticipated book of the year.

Selected books

2024 — Seven Methods of Souls Pickling, audio-series, novel

2022 — The Season of Poisoned Fruits, novel

2021 — Pavel Zhang and Other River Beasts, novel

Literary awards

Nominated for the Big Book Award 2022

Nominated for the New Literature Award 2022

Nominated for Yasnaya Polyana Prize 2022

Shortlisted for the National Bestseller Prize 2021

Nominated for the Big Book Award 2021

Finalist of the Litsei Literature Award for Young Writers 2020

Nominated for New Horizons 2017

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