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Sveta Dorosheva

Sveta Dorosheva

Ukrainian artist

Sveta Dorosheva was born and raised in Ukraine and is currently based in Israel. Dorosheva is working in the areas of narrative art and illustration. A deep fascination for myth and fairytales, among other things, finds its way into her detailed works. She evolved as an artist by self-training and has primarily worked on book illustrations and art for magazines and brands.


Her first author-illustrator book, The Nenuphar Book, was published in Russia in 2015, and was nominated for the National Bestseller Prize. It was translated into many languages, including English, Romanian, Japanese, Simplified and Complex Chinese, Arabic, Czech and is on its way to other markets since 2019. Her second book, How to Handle a Child, was published in 2016 in Russia and is following the same path. All of her books are personal art projects.

Sveta has three shortlist awards for the World Best Illustrations (AOI), her works are published in the world’s leading compendiums of modern illustration, and in summer 2018 she enjoyed being selected for the prestigious three-month artist residency in Art Peace Swatch Hotel, Shanghai. The result was another book, published in Russia in 2022 – Shanghai Chronicles: an Artist’s Journey.

Sveta creates hand drawn art on paper. She merges a lot of mythical and traditional motifs from various cultures with her own contemporary ideas. In a lot of her work past is often juxtaposed with the present. She takes inspiration in history of arts, local mix of cultures and the contradictions of human nature.

Selected books

2022 — Shanghai Chronicles: an Artist’s Journey, illustrated autofiction

2016 — How to Handle a Child, illustrated fiction

2015 — The Nenuphar Book aka The Land of Stone Flowers, illustrated fiction

2009 — Mummy Hurries Home, graphic novel 

Literary awards

Nominated for the Big Book Award 2023

Honorary Mention Award at Global Illustration Award 2017

Shortlisted for AOI World Illustration Awards 2017, 2018

Hiii Illustration Award 2016

Nominated for the National Bestseller Prize 2015

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