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Sona Abgaryan

Sona Abgaryan

Armenian literature

Sona Abgaryan was born in 1979, in the city Bird, Armenia.

1995–2000 she studied at the Terlemezyan Art College, Armenia, in 2007 – Academy of fine Arts Paris, France. Her specialty is video art, digital and analogue paintings. Her illustrations appeared in the editions of her sister, Narine Abgaryan, books. Today, Sona Abgaryan participates in different projects and international collaborations, and also works at the Tumo-Center for Creative Technologies.

Selected Exhibitions: Blind Dates, Pratt Manhattan Gallery, NY (2011), Oberhausen film festival, Germany (2009), Adieu Parajanov, Kunsthalle MOMA, Vienna, Austria (2003), Cool Generation – solo exhibition, ACCEA, Yerevan, Armenia (2003), XLIX International Art Biennale of Venice (2001).

The Old Woman and Her Goats aka Eve is Sona Abgaryan’s debut in prose. Originally written in Armenian, it was translated into Russian by Lilit S. Meliksetyan and won The Manuscript of the Year prize in 2022, followed by publication in 2023.

Today Sona Abgaryan lives in Yerevan and works on the novel’s sequel.

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Literary awards

Manuscript of the Year 2022

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