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Liubov Barinova

Liubov Barinova

Liubov Barinova was born in a village in Rostov Velikii region in 1972. Barinova graduated from the Moscow State University of Printing Arts of Ivan Fedorov and has worked as a journalist and sales manager in publishing. Her short stories were published in various journals and anthologies. Barinova attended two creative writing courses in Moscow. Her mentor Marina Stepnova, the acclaimed author of Women of Lazarus, highly praised Barinova’s debut novel and recommended the manuscript to her literary agents who placed it with Russia’s leading literary publisher Elena Shubina.

Film rights to the debut novel Eve were sold prior to the publication, the film series is in production. Barinova lives in Moscow with her family.

Liubov Barinova was one of my students in creative writing school. Eva is her first novel, although it's hard to believe. A vivid, powerful, and unconventional book that blends thriller and psychological fiction. Where can hatred lead? What is a person capable of if you take away the most precious thing in their life? You pity, love, and hate the protagonist all at once.

— Marina Stepnova

Selected books

2022 — Victima, novel

2019 — Eve, novel

Literary awards

Nominated for the Yasnaya Polyana Award 2023

Longlisted for the National Bestseller Prize 2020

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