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Konstantin Zarubin

Konstantin Zarubin

Konstantin Zarubin is a professor of English language and linguistic studies at Dalarna University in Sweden. He writes fiction and essays, the latter with a focus on gender (female) studies and social issues. He is also a singer and songwriter. He moved to Sweden in 2008, where he now lives with his wife.

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Selected books

2024 — The Russian Heart Beats for All, novel

2023 — New Science Fiction From L., novel

2021 — The Red List of Peace Street, novella and short stories

2021 — Chestnut Freyja, novellas

2021 — Misha, It’s Elephants All Around, novel

2019 — A Mayfly Walked Along the Shore, novel

Literary awards

Shortlisted for the New Horizons Award 2023

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