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Ivan Philippov

Ivan Philippov

Ivan Philippov, born in 1982 in Moscow, is a Georgia-based writer, journalist, film executive and co-host of a popular podcast. Ivan graduated from a History Faculty of Moscow State University and for seven years worked as a reporter, starting in the news and graduating to writing about entertainment and media industry for «Vedomosti» at the time a joint-venture of Wall Street Journal and Financial Times. Among many stories published by Ivan Philippov at that time were one on one interviews with public figures from Sheldon Adelson and Bob Iger to Jerry Bruckheimer.


After leaving «Vedomosti» Ivan Philippov joined Alexander Rodnyansky’s CTC Media as the head of corporate PR. For the past 15 years Ivan worked for Mr. Rodnyansky as a creative executive in his US film company AR Content.


As a journalist Ivan Philippov wrote for many Moscow-based publications, including Forbes, GQ and Esquire. Leaving Russia in the first weeks of war for Tbilisi, now he writes for independent Russian media Holod and his op-eds were published in The Guardian in 2022 and 2023.


On his popular Instagram account and Telegram-channel Ivan Philippov writes about modern television and notable TV-series and he co-host «Previously on» — the most popular podcast in Russian language on the same subject with Elizaveta Surganova.


Ivan Philippov published three books, including a non-fiction about the golden age of modern television and the best TV-shows of the past two decades; his debut novel The Shadow, successfully adapted for audio series by Storytel Original and longlisted for the National Bestseller Prize in the year of publication; and the most recent, Mouse, a Moscow zombie apocalypse.

He lives with his family in Georgia.

Selected books

2024 — Mouse, novel

2022 — The Shadow, novel

2020 — In the Next Episodes, non-fiction 

Literary awards

Longlisted for the National Bestseller prize 2022

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