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Elena Avinova, Natalia Osipova

Elena Avinova, Natalia Osipova

Greatest Five Russian Classic Works in graphic adaptation

Elena Avinova is a theater design artist, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, a participant and a curator of a number of international art exhibitions. The author of the graphic stories Funny Stories About Kharms, The Hospital Diary, Lav Road Stories (an exhibition) and a series of graphic adaptations of classical novels: The Overcoat, Queen of Spades, The Grand Inquisitor, To Kill a Seagull, One Day of Tolstoy. The author of the video clip to Aquarium’s The March of Sacred Cows.

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Natalia Osipova is a Russian language specialist, with a postgraduate degree on the Russian literature of 19th century. The curator of various cultural and art projects in Kirov and Moscow.

Since 2015 Osipova has been the head of the Creative Writing School, creative writing courses in Moscow. Natalia Osipova came up with the idea of the Greatest Five Russian Classic Works in graphic adaptation and is the adaptor of the original Gogol’s text in The Overcoat graphic adaptation project.

Selected books

2022 To Kill a Seagull, graphic novel

2021 Lav Road Stories, graphic novel

2021 Queen of Spades, graphic novel

2019 One Day of Tolstoy, graphic novel

2020 The Grand Inquisitor, graphic novel

2015 The Overcoat, graphic novel

Literary awards

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