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Eduard Verkin

Eduard Verkin was born in Vorkuta, Russia’s far North, in 1975, in the family of a minor and a pharmacist. He studied history and law in the State University of Syktyvkar (the capital of Komi Republic). After graduation Verkin taught social studies in the middle-grade school. In 2003 Verkin signed up for creative writing course at the Gorky Literature Institute in Moscow.

Since 2004 Eduard Verkin has published several series of sci-fi and fantasy fiction for children, firmly and swiftly gaining recognition as Russia’s leading children’s writer today. Eduard Verkin is the nationally bestselling and numerously awarded writer of children’s books. The Island Sakhalin is Eduard Verkin’s first fiction for adults.

Eduard Verkin is married and has two children.


Selected books

2018 The Sakhalin Island, novel

Literary awards

Longlisted for the NOS (New Literature Award) 2018

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