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Dina Rubina

Dina Rubina

The total printing of the author's work is over 2 million copies!

Dina Rubina is an Israeli Russian-language writer. Born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan in 1953, Dina Rubina had her first stories published in 1970s in Yunost magazine.

She has received numerous awards, and is the bestselling author of over 40 titles, including fifteen novels.

Dina Rubina’s novels and novellas have been made into films, adapted for TV, and staged in theaters in Russia and Israel. Dina Rubina is the Big Book Award winner in 2007 and 2020 (reader’s choice) for the novels On the Sunny Side of the Street and Napoleon’s Train, respectively. In 2009 she won one of the Russian Literature prizes for the novel The White Dove of Cordoba. Each new title by Dina Rubina is published in a first printing of 50,000 to 80,000 copies. The total printing of the author’s work is over two million copies.

Since 1990 Dina Rubina has lived in Ma’ale-Adumim, Israel with her family, artist Boris Karafelov, her daughter, and grandchildren.

Selected books

2021 — Gurevich, the Maniac, novel

2020 — A Lonely Person Who Writes, autobiographical novel

2018-2019 — Napoleon’s Train, novels

2017 — Lady Wind, novel

2014-2015 — The Russian Canary Bird, novels

2010 — The White Dove of Cordoba, novel

2010 — The Petroushka Syndrome, novel

2008 — Leonardo’s Handwriting, novel

2006 — On the Sunny Side of the Street, novel

2001 — On Upper Maslovka, novel

1996 — Here Comes the Messiah!, novel

Literary awards

Finalist of the Big Book Award 2020 (2nd prize in Reader’s Choice)

Shortlisted for the Big Book Award 2015

Finalist of the Russian Prize 2009

Winner of the International Portal Prize 2009 (Ukraine)

Winner of the Big Book Award 2007 (3rd Prize)

Shortlisted for the Russian Booker Prize 2007

Longlisted for the Yasnaya Polyana Award 2007

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