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Alla Gorbunova

Alla Gorbunova

Alla Gorbunova was born in Leningrad in 1985 and studied philosophy at St. Petersburg State University.

She is a poet and the author of several books of prose. The collection of short stories, It’s the End of the World, My Love, became the most discussed literary publication in 2020 and received The New Literature Prize 2020.

Gorbunova received several nominations for the National Bestseller Prize, her prose entered long lists of the Big Book Award in 2020 and 2021. With her poetry, Alla Gorbunova won the Debut Prize 2005 and the Andrei Bely Prize 2019. Her poems and prose have been translated into many languages. Deep Vellum Publishing launched Gorbunova’s prose in the English translation in 2023. 

Alla Gorbunova’s prose is deeply authentic, and speaks to all sorts of readers—from authoritative literary critics, artists, and philosophers, to college and high school students. This book is no exception. Hilarious, sad, poignant, and occasionally frightening, these wonderfully lively tales are shot through with the light of her soul, the light of “another matter.”

Lyrical sketches that are profound rather than long—with something in them of medieval exempla, the Japanese zuihitsu, and the comic anecdote, in which everything is just fine, except when it isn’t. Many of these tales are as paradoxical as their heroine, who re- mains somehow at a distance from everyday life while being in the middle of it all. As she herself admits, over half of her consciousness is an inferno of anxiety and terror, while the rest is in a primeval paradise wherein where evil is impossible.

— Ksenia Buksha

Selected books

2023 — Your Tin Is Broken, novel

2022 — The Summer, autofiction, novel

2021 — Another Matter, short stories

2020 — It’s the End of the World, My Love, short stories

2017 — Ings & Oughts, short stories

Literary awards

The New Literature Award 2020

Longlisted for the Big Book Award 2021, 2020

Nominated for the National Bestseller Prize 2020, 2017

Andrei Bely Prize 2019

Shortlisted for the New Literature Award 2018

Nominated for XXIX Premio Letterario Camaiore, Italy, 2017

Shortlisted for Andrei Bely Prize 2011

Debut Prize 2005

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